New markets, new luck, or: how DELTA’s first projects for the XXXLutz Group in Germany have succeeded


At the end of March, the new mömax store was opened in the German city of Fulda: the first customers were already waiting at dawn in front of the entrance to benefit from the attractive opening discounts. A few days later, another XXXLutz in the city of Buhl opened with the product line “Young Living”, which is also located in the building. After DELTA had already successfully completed numerous projects for XXXLutz in the past, the furniture manufacturer once again chose the reliable upper Austrian whole service provider during its expansion in Germany and entrusted DELTA with design, submission and implementation planning, tender preparation and the accompanying control in this construction project.

Learning by Doing

For DELTA, the new construction of this mömax store was already the third XXX-Lutz project in Germany. Last year, mömax stores in Halle an der Saale and Wolfsburg were already successfully implemented. New challenges due to the local conditions came to our project manager Manuel Neyder, who has already successfully mastered other international DELTA projects. As the person responsible for the exact coordination as well as the punctual and correct completion of the mömax store, he returned once again with a lot of new knowledge and experience that is applicable for future projects.

German existing buildings and authorities are subject to different regulations than in Austria; our project manager and his team got to know them in detail currently. In contrast, the experts of DELTA are no strangers to building during ongoing operation – still, the implementation under the new circumstances required the full engagement of all those involved. To bring the project to a successful completion, all available forces had to be mobilized.

Solutions can be found – but only together

Instead of beating about the bush, Manuel Neyder went on the offensive and proactively searched for solutions together with everyone involved. After DELTA had already completed a number of projects with the client, the understanding of their wishes was there – paired with the technical know-how and an open communication culture, which must be continuously developed even after such a long cooperation, they could be implemented accordingly and obstacles could be overcome.

The partnership-based collaboration with the client representatives and the construction supervision during the entire project and especially their maintenance in difficult phases has contributed significantly to the punctual opening of the shop and its gain in popularity among customers.

“Seeing the satisfied customers in the finished store was great – we are extremely proud that we have made it despite the great challenges!”, explains Manuel Neyder, project manager at DELTA.

Locations where DELTA already worked successfully for the XXXLutz Group

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